Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mahathir's sliding fortune

Desperate moves by Dr. Mahathir:- Mahathir meets Anwar to preempt the RCI (Royal Commission of Inquiry - into the Bank Negara forex losses)
1) Hence it is to Anwar’s interest as well that the truth is not revealed. And that means Mahathir and Anwar have to tell the same story and there should be no contradictions so that they can cover each other’s backs. If Mahathir says one thing and Anwar says another then their story would be demolished.  And that was what the 45 minute meeting in court was all about.

2) Mahathir also wants Anwar to try to convince Abdul Murad Khalid, the former Assistant Governor of Bank Negara, to do a U-turn and retract his story. The US$10 billion disaster story had actually remained dormant for 24 years — other than Lim Kit Siang barking and foaming at the mouth for more than 20 years, just like Tony Pua still barking and foaming at the mouth regarding 1MDB. Recently, however, Murad came out to reveal the truth that had been concealed these last 24 years and even Kit Siang was taken by surprise.

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Politician's character - are malignant tumours

“I would describe them as malignant tumours. So their departure is good for the party,” he said.