Malaysia's new political plot
(There is a need to write again on the new trend of events following the fall of UMNO as the political master at Federal level.  This misfortune happened in then just concluded GE14 election, held on 9 May'18.) 

Dr Mahathir as leader of OMAN
Dr. Mahathir harboured intentions to oust Najib from office stemmed from a deep personal ambition to put his son Mukriz as the Prime Minister of Malaysia when he is still around to engineer the impossible.

 In mid-2002 Mahathir announced his resignation as the President of UMNO and therefore the Prime Minister of Malaysia and on 1st of November 2003 handed over power to Abdullah. During his term Abdullah upset Mahathir for not carrying on projects dear to his heart ( e.g. Crooked Bridge to link Singapore and Johore). But the real reason for his disdain towards Abdullah was Abdullah's rejection and sabotage not to follow through his plans to prepare Mukriz to become the future Prime Minister with Dr. Mahathir's planned  time frame. Apparently Abdullah had put his son -in -law, Khairy as a stumbling block to Mukriz ascendance to power within UMNO. After Najib took over as Prime Minister from Abdullah, Mahathir found out that Najib did not neutralise the influence of Khairy or lend credible weight and support to Mukriz. Mahathir's was disappointed with Najib when Mukriz was only given the Chief Minister of Kedah's post whilst Khairy was given the full ministerial post of the Ministry for Youth and Sports. The ouster of Mukriz from the post of the Chief Minister of Kedah, engineered through a declaration of no-confidence by Mukriz's own party in his home state Kedah, incensed Mahathir further because it put to shreds his 'Mukriz project'.

> OMAN - Opposition Membership Against Najib

  •    From day one,  the implementation of the declaration was frustrated by many opposing sub-agendas of the campaign cause.
  •   Dr. Wan Azizah (PKR) claimed that Dr. Mahathir's involvement in the declaration was induced by his crumbling power base and influence in the ruling UMNO party which he left on 29 February,2016.
  •  As far as Dr. Wan Azizah is concerned, PKR's interest in the declaration is underscored by the party's political mission of freeing her husband Anuar Ibrahim from prison. 
  • Muhyiddin, the Deputy Prime Minister who joined the OMAN campaign was used by Dr. Mahahtir to take down Najib but he overestimated him for the role because Muhyidin lacked support from grassroots to garner forces from the hundreds of UMNO divisional heads in an uprising against Najib's leadership.
  • Within weeks of initiation the OMAN's declaration metamorphosed from a Citizen declaration into "Mahathir declaration", "Free Anwar declaration" and "Save Malaysia declaration" arising from the participating individual's strong personal agendas and selective parties agendas.


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