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The ills of Mahathir in short

Mahathir has been accused of setting aside a budget of RM2 billion in the campaign to oust Najib and that RM600 million of this is being used in the media war and to bribe Mat Salleh journalists and bloggers in the UK, US, Australia and so on. If that is not true why did he not sue?
Mahathir has been accused of stealing RM100-200 billion of Umno’s money, which he parked under his proxies, cronies and family members (and which he refuses to return to Umno). If that is not true why did he not sue?
Mahathir has been accused of directing Petronas to bail out his son’s shipping company to the tune of RM2 billion when the company was worth less than half that value. If that is not true why did he not sue?
Mahathir has been accused of manipulating MAS to cover the RM30 billion Forex losses that Bank Negara suffered by playing the money market (and which literally bankrupted the airline company). If that is not true why did he not sue?
Mahathir has been accused of covering up the crimes committed by Ling Liong Sik and Eric Chia involving billions of taxpayers’ money. There is even an allegation that not only did Mahathir cover up the crimes but that they acted at the behest of the old man. If that is not true why did he not sue?
The list of allegations against Mahathir runs into pages but Mahathir did not file a single suit against all those people who alleged he had committed these crimes.

Mukhriz has been accused of pressuring his father to make him the Deputy Prime Minister by removing Najib and replacing him with a proxy Prime Minister so that by 2020 or so he can take over as Prime Minister. If that is not true why did he not sue?
Mahathir and all those in the ANC have been accused of fabricating stories regarding 1MDB with the purpose of trying to oust Najib so that he can be replaced with a proxy Prime Minister and with Mukhriz as his Deputy Prime Minister — who will later take over as Prime Minister. If that is not true why did they not sue?
So you see, there is only one allegation against Najib, and this is regarding 1MDB. Najib has denied those allegations but they have not come forward with any evidence to prove that Najib lied. Since they are making the allegation then they need to prove it. Instead they are asking Najib to prove his innocence, which is not his job.
They fabricate documents and allege that the documents are real and not fakes. But thus far they have not been able to prove the authenticity of those documents. Instead, they want Najib to prove that the documents are false, which is not Najib’s job since the one who alleges must show proof.
For that one allegation against Najib regarding 1MBD there are dozens of allegations against all those who oppose Najib. But none of them have come forward to sue to prove their innocence. And yet they insist that Najib sue to prove his innocence.
There must be something wrong with these people. And they also cannot see that it is just a single issue recycled over and over again but merely given a different heading and a different angle.

The above information accessed at ..>>> on 12 July'16

Friday, April 8, 2016

1 MDB malady

Whatever happened to the 1MDB issue in the final analysis is just a malady .
1. For the opposition parties the 1MDB issue was drummed up into a big scandal to provide a seemingly massive excuse to topple Najib from his reins of power.
( Acessed on 4/9/16 at )

2. From various reports in news portal and social media websites  it would appear that the issue will cool down over time and Najib's administration can continue on with 'developing the economy' without being dragged down by drummed up issues.

3. The 1MBD issue is a good case of corporate management.  I need to write about this in future post.  Thus for today's labelling - 'Management issues'.

4. The 1MDB isuue ( this point will need further expansion/additions)
#  From Bloomberg business:  Beginning in March, as public pressure grew, the country’s auditor general, the parliament’s public accounts committee, the central bank, and the police have all homed in on 1MDB. The force of the scandal helped topple the ringgit, the worst-performing currency in Asia as of July 16, down 8.1 percent against the dollar since the start of the year. Foreign reserves plunged 20 percent in June from a year earlier. (acessed on 9/4/16 at )

# From Wall Street Journal : On July 3, the Wall Street Journal, citing documents from government probes, reported that investigators believe almost $700 million in cash moved through state agencies, banks, and companies linked to 1MDB before eventually finding its way into Najib’s personal accounts. The money reportedly included two transactions—one worth $620 million; another, $61 million—made in March 2013, two months before a general election returned Najib to power as part of the Barisan Nasional, or National Front, coalition.
In a country with no public campaign financing and few strictures on political donations, the alleged cash flows caused alarm. Before the 2013 election, on March 12, 1MDB Chairman Lodin Wok Kamaruddin and Khadem Al Qubaisi, then chairman of Abu Dhabi’s Aabar Investments, signed an agreement to form a joint venture. The following month, 1MDB announced it had raised $3 billion for its share of the partnership. “1MDB opted for a private placement to ensure the timely completion of this economic initiative,” the company said in a statement on April 15 of that year.
The timing was controversial. “1MDB may have been created with one of the key objectives being to raise a slush fund to finance Barisan Nasional’s election campaigns,” says MP Tony Pua, of the opposition Democratic Action Party. A statement from the prime minister’s office dismissed the allegations in the Wall Street Journal, saying they amounted to “political sabotage” at the hands of “certain individuals to undermine confidence in our economy, tarnish the government, and remove a democratically elected prime minister.” In a statement, 1MDB said it “has never provided any funds to the prime minister.”
# From the Edge Financial Daily : The Edge Financial Daily had published today another expose on 1MDB, this time detailing Penang-born tycoon Low Taek Jho’s alleged role in the multibillion ringgit controversy.
The business paper currently under investigation for its previous articles on the scandal claimed that the US$1.83 billion (S$2.51 billion) that state-owned 1MDB had invested in Middle Eastern oil company PetroSaudi International (PSI) between 2009 and 2011 was a scheme to defraud Malaysia that involved Low.
The Edge Financial Daily, is published by The Edge Communications of The Edge Media Group that also publishes The Edge Malaysia weekly.
The paper has been issued a show-case letter by the Home Ministry on July 1 for publishing unverified news on debt-laden 1MDB. ( Accessed on 9/4/16 at )

5. Management maladies in 1MDB. (to be expanded )
# accountability issue - accounting of debts,

6. Interested parties in the 1MBD problems:
# Swiss government ..the AG of Swiss gov't opened case on 2 ex-1MDB officials purportedly misappropriating corporate funds (Acessed on 4/9/16 at )

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tengku Razaleigh the royal disloyal politician

The man described:-
1.  Anthony Loke has insisted that Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (Ku Li) had indeed circulated a statutory declaration (SD) against Prime Minister Najib Razak among Members of Parliament.
Speaking to reporters at the Parliament lobby today, DAP National Organising Secretary Anthony Loke said “a representative from Tengku Razaleigh’s camp” had circulated the SD between July and September last year.
The DAP lawmaker was also adamant that not only did the document exist, but all Opposition MPs were aware of it, with one lawmaker allegedly meeting Ku Li. (accessed on 31.3.16 at

2. I suppose, to understand this strange phenomena, we need to go back 40 years to January 1976. At that time both Mahathir and Ku Li, together with Tun Ghafar Baba, were Umno Vice Presidents. But Ku Li had the highest votes followed by Ghafar and with Mahathir coming last.
When Tun Hussein Onn took over as Prime Minister after the death of Tun Razak Hussein, Ku Li was supposed to become the Deputy Prime Minister. However, Ku Li made way for Mahathir on the agreement that he would become the Deputy Prime Minister when Mahathir takes over as Prime Minister.
In July 1981, Mahathir took over as Prime Minister but he played Ku Li out. Mahathir refused to appoint Ku Li as his Deputy as promised in January 1976. And that was the beginning of this very strange love-hate relationship that Mahathir and Ku Li have been having ever since.
We do not need to go into the rest of the story, which I have related many times before. Suffice to say that ten years ago in 2006 when Mahathir decided to oust Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi he reached out to Ku Li to join the anti-Pak Lah campaign.
Ku Li thought about it for awhile and then agreed to team up with Mahathir to oust Pak Lah on the understanding that when the Prime Minister goes he, Ku Li, would take over as Prime Minister.
The day that Ku Li sent word to Mahathir telling the old man that he is prepared to team up to oust Pak Lah was the same day that the old man suffered a massive heart attack and was rushed to hospital. In fact, Mahathir almost died that night and the doctors gave him a 50:50 chance of surviving.
That is why I remember that day very well — plus the fact that I was the one who Ku Li sent to meet Mahathir to deliver his message that the deal is on. That was also the same day that a Hari Raya gathering was held in Mahathir’s house.
After that Mahathir and Ku Li met a few times and the alliance to oust Pak Lah went quite smoothly (with road shows organised in Kelantan, Kedah, Johor, Selangor, etc.). Mahathir even told Malaysians to vote opposition to punish Umno so that Pak Lah could be ousted.
Then, after the 2008 general election, Mahathir did a u-turn and chose Najib instead. And that was when Ku Li’s man, Nik Azmi Nik Daud a.k.a. Bul, came out that the brilliant idea of a Statutory Declaration to link Rosmah to Altantuya’s murder in the hope that this would screw Najib’s chances of becoming Prime Minister.
So Mahathir and Ku Li have been screwing each other and have been stabbing each other in the back for 40 years since 1976. And the last time was in 2008 when Mahathir dumped Ku Li and instead backed Najib for Prime Minister after working together for two years to oust Pak Lah. ( Accessed on 31/3/16 at )

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Running notes

( I have opened a label under 'running notes' today, 30 the March,2016  in Kuching)

1. Tengku Razaleigh is part of what I call the 'old and unwanted men' ( OUM) of Malaysian politics.  ( as an example go here ...>>>

2. Dr. Mahathir is proven to become one too as he shows major signs of 'senility' in his latest gimmicks to ouster Najib.

3. On 23 March'16  Dr. Mahathir filed against Najib...>>>Two days ago, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (and two others) filed a suit against Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak for allegedly interfering in the government investigation into 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and for the political donation of RM2.6 billion, which he received from an Arab donor. ( Acessed on 30/3/16 at
and here..>>>

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Lim Guan Eng in hot soup

Lim Guan Eng in hot soup

# MACC starting to investigate his purchase of a bungalow unit in Penang well below market price i.e. RM 2.8 million , similar properties close by fetch double the price.
( acessed on 19/3/16 at )

For details on valuation of the property vis-a-vis adjoining properties check it out here
and go here to find out the origins of the allegations ..>>>

# for land deal purchase and related seller linkages to Lim Guan Eng check it out here ...>>>>  ( pix below is accessed from this url, accessed on 21/3/16 )

# more details of the relevant tender pertaining to the proposed development of land at Taman Manggis in Penang  as shown in diagram above can be  accessed here. ( Accessed on 21/3/16 at )

Mahathir to punish UMNO

Mahathir's campaign to punish UMNO

# done in 2006 -2008 to get Malaysians vote against UMNO
# done again in 2016 till next election (2018)
( his actions raise serious questions about his purported love of UMNO...accessed on 19/3/16 at

Saturday, March 12, 2016

OMAN membersip list

OMAN list of signatories
(note: more names will be added when information is available)

A) from members of UMNO party
1) Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin
2) Datuk Seri Mukriz Mahathir
B) from members of the opposition parties
1) Lim Kit Siang (DAP)
2) Datuk Seri Azmin Ali (PKR)

C) Individuals
1) Tun Ling Liong Sik (for MCA president)

DAP unearthed

What is DAP as a party?
1. A racist party
2. Adopted a "Malaysian Malaysia" political theme from Singapore's PAP, merely to unsettle Chinese-based MCA.
3. Instigated the Chinese to hate Malays.
4.  DAP did not want Malays to enjoy any benefits on their homeland.

 Note: The above points are accessed at , on 12/316) and below is the related article in full.
Kit Siang No 1 racist, says Dr M
The former prime minister urges voters to reject Pakatan and vote for BN
(Athi Shankar, Free Malaysia Today, 4 May 2013)
Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad launched a blistering attack on DAP, calling it a racist party and labelling its veteran politician Lim Kit Siang as “number one racist”.
He also said that PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and Islamist party PAS are destroyers of Malay unity in the country.
He said the DAP led by Kit Siang adopted a “Malaysian Malaysia” political theme from Singapore’s PAP, merely to unsettle Chinese-based MCA.
He said the DAP used its “Malaysian Malaysia” battle cry to defeat and replace MCA as Chinese representative party.
He added that the DAP has made all of sorts of demands for the Chinese and instigated the Chinese to hate the Malays.
Mahathir said Lim wanted meritocracy to ensure Chinese would get all.
He said Lim and the DAP did not want the Malays to enjoy any benefits on their own motherland.
He lumped anyone who opposed Malay rights as racists.
“The DAP is a racist and chauvinist party. Kit Siang is number one racist,” he told an indoor Umno-organised election gathering here last night.
He also hit out at old foe Anwar and PAS for destroying Malay unity and being subservient to the DAP to safeguard their selfish political interests.
For instance, he said Anwar and PAS have sold out Malays in the country by agreeing to the DAP demand to allow Christians to use the term “Allah” in their Malay edition of the Bible.
“Due to the weakening of Malay unity, we have to give in to others,” said the 87-year-old, blaming Anwar and PAS for causing the disunity.
Citing a few examples, including the formation of PAS in the 1940s, he said the party was misusing religion for mere political mileage.
Labelling Anwar as the biggest liar in the world, Mahathir said the Pakatan Rakyat stalwart seemed to have a lot of money as he was seen shuttling around in chartered flights and helicopters recently from Langkawi to Alor Setar and then to Naka in Kedah.
He called on the Permatang Pauh constituents to reject Anwar if they reject lies.
“Permatang Pauh is not owned by Anwar. It’s owned by the people of Permatang Pauh. They have the right to choose a truthful representative, not a liar,” he said.
He also urged Malaysians to reject Pakatan and vote in Barisan Nasional tomorrow.

Malaysian history in social context

Social context of Malaysian history

1. " Introduced in 1946 over fervent Malay objections, the Malayan Union led indirectly through monarchies headed by sultans, with the settlements of Penang and Malacca - which Britain administered directly, along with Singapore - turning the Malay Peninsula into a single colony.  It stripped the sultans of their traditional powers and transferred jurisdiction to the King of England.  Without consultation, the British withdrew their near-century-old recognition of the "special position" of the Malays, which meant to protect their heritage and birthright." (pg. 9)

2.  The deep sense of betrayal felt by the Malays was matched only by their fear of the future.  After all, it was the British sponsorship of large-scale immigration to peninsular Malaya in the nineteenth century - Chinese to work in the tin mines, Indians to labour on the rubber estates - that had turned the Malays into a minority in their own land.  More enterprising and sophisticated in business, the newcomers spread to the kampungs, where they became shopkeepers and moneylenders.  In time, they gained a monopoly in the industrial and commercial sectors and lived mostly in urban centres, while the Malays remained in coastal and rural settlements engaged in traditional subsistence agriculture and fishing.  Having created what may have been the world's most complex society - three communities divided by religion, language, culture, value systems, place of residence, occupation and income - the British had made no attempt to integrate the immigrants, originally regarding them as guest workers.  Now that they and other foreigners had control of the economy, Britain was intending to grant them citizenship" (page, 9) 

3.  " But while the British conceded Malay political primacy among the various races, they insisted that UMNO work out a basis for inter-racial cooperation, unity and harmony.  It took the form of an Alliance linking UMNO and political parties representing the Chinese and Indians.  The three parties negotiated what came into focus later as an unwritten 'social contract', which most Malays hoped to gain political influence. " (page 9) 

Reference: Wain, Barry (2009) Malaysian Maverick. Palgrave Macmillan,UK.

Friday, March 11, 2016

What is meant by 'a 'Malay nationalist'?

On nationalism

Quotes by  RPK (Raja Petra Kamarudin - 'controversial blogger')

" So, I am a nationalist Malay and am proud of it.  And, if you find that offensive, that is your problem, not mine.  First, close down all Chinese and Tamil schools before coming to talk to me about "there should be no Malays, Chinese and Indians, but only Malaysians."

" Chin Peng used to tell the Chinese that you must support the CPM or else you are a traitor to the Chinese race.  Today, DAP tells the Chinese you must support Pakatan oe else you are a traitor to the Chinese race.  So why can't I tell the Malays you must support UMNO or else you are a traitor to the Malay race? What makes them right and me wrong?"

" ..we are supporting the government because we want to make sure that the Chinese DAP-led opposition does not grab power and set up a Chinese DAP-dominated government with Malays from Amanah and PKR as their proxies and puppets."

( Above quotes are extracted from an e-mail interview with RPK and A. Jalil Hamid published in NST,10/3/16, page. 10 -11)

The online version of this can be accessed here ..>>>

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New theme - Society

As at this morning, I am introducing a new theme for this blog called 'Society'.  As a starter the problems of Malaysian society is plainly sketched in the information below :
" When Mahathir loses, as in not heard and his opinions forgotten, the only hurt is his pride. He can always holiday in exotic locations like Zimbabwe to meet old friends, but how about the rest who are asked to join the fight?
The 70 per cent relying on BR1M [4] to carry on buying sub-par supplies at KR1M [5] before paying toll in jammed-up highways on route to dropping their kids at struggling public schools with no destination for the next school holidays except quietly gladdened to pay less for toll, KR1M and dining out by keeping the family peeled on the latest offerings by Astro Ria, what are they to do?
Why would they rock the boat?
But more importantly was that not how the growth model envisioned by Mahathir from the old days? Keep the wages low, compete as a low cost centre. Wage demands grow, bring in indiscriminate foreigners to work cheap, and sustain the low cost centre image.
An economically reliant society’s vote is more predictable than a self-reliant, middle-class filled society, no?
And now the continuation of a crutch mentality is bad, because Mahathir is no more the incumbent? Would that mean, Mahathir would revert to revering a widespread crutch mentality when a replacement he can live with is brought to power?
Besides the cynicism, is it not unfair to ask those most vulnerable — and this is a country filled with multiple vulnerable segments — to get into the fray because the system temporarily does not suit its main creator?  ( Accessed on 11/3/16 at )

Mahathir unearthed

Mahathir unearthed
( "when it comes to Mahathir what he does not say is sometimes more important than what he says because there is a lot more information in what he does not say. I know this sounds confusing but then that is unavoidable because Mahathir himself is a confusing person — or maybe be intentionally makes it confusing so that we do not follow his real plot."  (RPK, accessed a

1.   Dr. Mahathir had agreed that Tengku Razaleigh would take over as Prime Minister.  However, Tengku Razaleigh did not agree to Dr. Mahathir's terms, so he dumped Tengku Razaleigh.  Our opinion was that it was not so much that Dr. Mahathir loved Najib more than Tengku Razaleigh, but that Dr. Mahahtir feared Tengku Razaleigh more than he feared Najib. (Points reporters - RPK, New Straits Times, 10/3/16, pg. 11)

2.  Mahathir’s legacy is simple. He would hand power to Abdullah in November 2003. Mukhriz would become the Umno Youth Deputy the following year. In 2009 Mukhriz would become the Umno Youth Leader. In 2013 Mukhriz would become one of the Umno Vice Presidents. In 2016 (now postponed to 2018) Mukhriz would become the Umno Deputy President. And by 2020 Mukhriz would become the Umno President and in that same move would become the new Prime Minister of Malaysia.

3.  According to Mahathir, in his own words, after he resigned in mid-2002 he spent 15 months talking to Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi before he handed power to Abdullah on the 1st of November 2003. Basically, according to Mahathir, there were certain things that Abdullah was supposed to do and certain things he was not supposed to do once he takes over as Prime Minister.
Mahathir mentions some of these things such as the Crooked Bridge, double-tracking railway, and so on, which Abdullah cancelled and which were supposed to have upset Mahathir. But that is not all that upset Mahathir — and just that alone is not enough to get Mahathir into a frenzied attack.
The one thing that really upset Mahathir — and which Abdullah had agreed to do but did not do — is the issue regarding his son, Mukhriz. Mahathir had asked Abdullah to make sure that Mukhriz goes up the Umno ladder and that in less than ten years he would be poised to take over as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia after Abdullah.
So that was Abdullah’s job: to make sure Mukhriz goes up. And on 1st November 2003 Mahathir handed the country to Abdullah. But then Abdullah had (still has) a son-in-law named Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar (who had married his only daughter Nori in 2001). And this will prove later to be a stumbling block to the ‘Mukhriz Project’ that Abdullah and Mahathir had agreed upon.
Abdullah loves Nori to a fault and would walk on burning coals just for her. Nori, in turn, loves Khairy (even her coffee mugs had Khairy’s picture on it). And Khairy loves power (plus loves himself). So, at the behest of Nori, Abdullah appointed Khairy as his Principal Private Secretary. And that position practically made Khairy the de facto Prime Minister of Malaysia.
Even the Special Branch was upset with Khairy. Normally, the Special Branch has their ‘morning prayer’ four-eyes meeting with the Prime Minister. But now it became a six-eyes meeting and the meeting will not start until Khairy walks into the room. (So, if Khairy is late, then the Special Branch Director has to wait).
The Director of the Special Branch was so unhappy about this that he decided to retire and not seek an extension of service when his contract expired. He told his colleagues that he does not want to serve Khairy, the de facto Prime Minister any longer. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when the Director raised the matter of Khairy and Abdullah told him off and asked him to not ‘fitnah’ his son-in-law.
One of Abdullah’s old school friends, a writer, raised this matter with the Prime Minister and mentioned that Khairy is a liability and would eventually result in his (Abdullah’s) downfall. He also told Abdullah that Mahathir was very pissed with Khairy and is planning to make his move to oust the Prime Minister so that Khairy could be brought down.
Abdullah told this school friend of his that Khairy is very clever and has many clever friends all over the world who are his contacts. So people are jealous of Khairy, Abdullah said. But then Khairy is an asset because, Abdullah said, “He helps me run the country and without him and his friends on the ‘Fourth Floor’ I would face a lot of difficulties.”
Ibrahim Ali (now with Perkasa) was in that meeting and he brought this story to the attention of Mahathir. And that was when Abdullah’s fate was sort of sealed. He was now a dead man walking. Abdullah appears to have forgotten that the person he was supposed to ‘bring up’ was Mukhriz and not Khairy, as what was agreed before Mahathir handed him power on 1st November 2003.
Many people warned Abdullah that Khairy was going to be his downfall. Many people warned Abdullah that Mahathir was planning to oust him mainly because of Khairy. Many people warned Abdullah that if he wants to stay safe then he should focus on Mukhriz and not on Khairy. But Abdullah ignored all these warnings and that ended his career as Malaysia’s Prime Minister.
Soon after Khairy started working for Abdullah as the Prime Minister’s Principal Private Secretary he won the Umno Youth Deputy Leader’s post. That post, according to what Abdullah and Mahathir had agreed a year before that, was supposed to have gone to Mukhriz. So, second nail in Abdullah’s coffin. With Khairy instead of Mukhriz becoming Umno Youth’s number two that meant it was going to be more difficult for Mukhriz to go up the Umno ladder.
Then, in 2008, Abdullah gave Khairy a seat to contest in the general election, which he won. So, third nail in Abdullah’s coffin. Now there were no two ways about it. Abdullah needed to go and Najib must take over. The fate and future of Mukhriz depended on it.
Mahathir expected that once Najib takes over he would help neutralise Khairy and would make sure that Mukhriz goes up. But then, not long after Najib took over as Prime Minister in 2009, Khairy won the Umno Youth leadership, defeating Mukhriz and Khir Toyo.
Mahathir blames Najib for this and he said that if the Prime Minister had intervened then Khairy would have lost and Mukhriz would have won. Najib’s ‘bad faith’ was further demonstrated in 2013 when Khairy was allowed to contest the general election, yet again, and then was made a Cabinet Minister.
The final straw was when in that same year Khairy, yet again, won the Umno Youth presidency and Najib did nothing to make sure that he would lose. Mukhriz’s chance of going up was now practically shot and there was no way he was going to become Prime Minister after all.
Mahathir’s legacy is simple. He would hand power to Abdullah in November 2003. Mukhriz would become the Umno Youth Deputy the following year. In 2009 Mukhriz would become the Umno Youth Leader. In 2013 Mukhriz would become one of the Umno Vice Presidents. In 2016 (now postponed to 2018) Mukhriz would become the Umno Deputy President. And by 2020 Mukhriz would become the Umno President and in that same move would become the new Prime Minister of Malaysia.
That is Mahathir’s true legacy, and what his Wawasan 2020 is all about. And that was also why Tun Musa Hitam said that Mahathir’s Wawasan 2020 is going to fail. What Musa meant was that Mukhriz is not going to be the Prime Minister by or before 2020 as what Mahathir had planned.
When Khairy was given a seat to contest in the general election and then made a Cabinet Minister in 2013 — while Mukhriz was given just a Menteri Besar’s post as consolation prize — that was when Mahathir made his move to bring down Najib. And soon after that the 1MDB issue was played up as the catalyst to bring down Najib.
Mahathir’s plan to make Mukhriz the Prime Minister by or before 2020 was now shot. For that to happen Mukhriz first had to become the Umno Deputy Youth Leader in 2004, then Youth Leader in 2009, and then one of the Umno Vice Presidents in 2013, and finally Umno Deputy President in 2016 (now of course shifted to 2018).
Abdullah and Najib, however, did not help make this happen. So first Abdullah had to go and now Najib has to go as well. If Najib could have been ousted last year as planned then Mahathir’s new ‘proxy’ Prime Minister could still make sure that the ‘Mukhriz Project’ happens.
But even that is no longer possible and Najib looks very secure. Instead, those opposed to the Prime Minister are getting ousted, Mukhriz included. So Mahathir has no choice but to resign from Umno, since he failed to achieve what he wanted within Umno, and now use the opposition to pressure Najib.
If Najib feels threatened with Mahathir working with the opposition to try to oust him then be can easily solve this problem. And the solution would be to make sure that Mukhriz becomes the number two in the party as well as the number two in government. That, however, may no longer be possible so Najib will just have to take his chances with Mahathir as the new opposition leader.
As far as Mahathir is concerned his legacy is more or less ripped to shreds. There is very little likelihood he is going to see the day when his son becomes the Prime Minister, or at the very least the number two — at least not with Najib in charge. So he is making a last ditch attempt before he dies to try to make it happen. And he is trying to make it happen by leading the opposition in the bid to try to oust Najib and replace him with his proxy Prime Minister.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The last days of Mahathir

Picture credits : Malaysia Today
Accessed on 9 March'16 at
The last days of Mahathir

1.  In cohort with the opposition to topple Najib from office (4/3/16 declaration)

2.  Starting 2014, launched a conspiracy to topple Najib 
    ( Early in April last year, the former premier kicked off a three-month long campaign against Najib, who he claimed was racked by corruption scandals that were hurting the country and UMNO. But the campaign stretched well beyond the month of July and turned into a multi-million dollar lesson for Mahathir the minute a coup plot was uncovered.) Accessed on 9 March'16 at )

3. Dr. Mahathir's control over Petronas as advisor ended with the Cabinet decision to terminate his appointment as advisor to Petronas.  The reason is stated below :- 

11th March 2016
The Cabinet today discussed the actions of former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, particularly in launching the so-called "Citizen’s Declaration" with opposition leaders last week.
The declaration aims to topple the democratically-elected Government led by the Prime Minister, and is therefore against the law and the Federal Constitution.
The Cabinet decided that since Tun Mahathir is no longer supporting the current Government, he should no longer hold any position related to the Government.
Therefore, the Cabinet today agreed unanimously to terminate the appointment of Tun Mahathir as advisor to Petronas.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mahathir's motivation to oust Najib

Why Dr. Mahathir is bent on ousting Najib?

# Revenge against Najib not helping his son Mukriz to win contest as one of Vice-Presidents of UMNO.
we can understand Dr Mahathir’s frustration and can appreciate why he is so angry with Najib. Because Najib refused to help Mukhriz that has shattered Dr Mahathir’s dream for his son to become the new Prime Minister.  (Acessed on 6 March'16 at )

Dr Mahathir was hoping that Mukhriz would win the party contest and become one of the three Umno Vice Presidents — and he had hoped that Najib would help make this happen. He wanted Najib to make sure that Mukhriz wins. Najib, however, did not help Mukhriz win and this upset Dr Mahathir big time.  (Acessed on 6 March'16 at )

(Bernama, 20 October 2013) – Despite losing his bid to be one of Umno vice presidents, Mukhriz Mahathir has pledged to continue contributing towards the transformation of the party. Mukhriz, who is Kedah Menteri Besar, said he could still contribute in his capacity as the state Umno liaison committee chairman.
“I don’t think that with the results I’m suddenly totally out of the picture. It’s my hope that party president (Najib Tun Razak) will still consider giving me a place in the Umno supreme council so that I too can contribute towards ensuring we can do better in the 14th general election,” he told reporters at the Putra World Trade Centre here last night.
Mukhriz failed to clinch the third vice-presidency slot in a keenly fought battle against Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, garnering 91 votes against the latter’s 100 when the official results were announced at about 1.40 am today.
The outcome saw incumbents Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Mohd Shafie Apdal and Hishammuddin retain their vice-presidency for the 2013-2016 term.Acessed on 6 March'16 at )

# revenge against Najib refusing to continue with Dr Mahathir's policies
“As for Mahathir critics, the question would still remain if this is an act of revenge because Najib had flatly refused to continue Dr Mahathir’s policies, setting in motion the crumbling of his legacy.
“The onus is now on civil society representatives and political parties to ensure Dr Mahathir does not hijack the movement,” he said. ('He' is Klang MP (DAP) , Charles Santiago. ( Accessed on 6 March'16 at

# wanting his son Mukriz to become Prime Minister

Umno supreme council member Datuk Dr Puad Zakarshi claimed that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's attacks on the party's leadership was because of his desire to see his son, Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir become the prime minister. "The real motive of Tun Dr Mahathir attacking to unseat (Umno president and Prime Minister) Datuk Seri Najib Razak is because he wants Mukhriz to become Prime Minister. This is why he did not name anyone to replace Najib. "Tun Dr Mahathir is obsessed with his agenda to have Mukhriz to become PM to the point that he will slander Datuk Seri Najib and sit at the same table as (DAP adviser) Lim Kit Siang, an enemy of the Malays and Muslims," Puad said in a statement today. He said Dr Mahathir's recent move to quit Umno was to allow him to become an ally with DAP to force Najib to step down through street demonstrations. He said Mukhriz needed to understand there were no shortcuts to becoming Umno president and Prime Minister.
 (Acessed on 8/3/16 at  
# Mahathir's time plan to make Mukriz the Prime Minister of Malaysia after Najib
Mahathir is telling the nation that he is attacking Najib and wants the Prime Minister to be removed because RM42 billion of 1MDB’s money has disappeared into thin air. In December 2014, Mahathir told Khairuddin Abu Hassan to make a police report so that action can be taken against Najib.
But then more than a year before the so-called ‘1MDB scandal’ Mahathir had already started attacking Najib. And he started attacking Najib after his son, Mukhriz, failed to win an Umno Vice President’s seat. That was when Kadir Jasin and Syed Akbar Ali were instructed to start attacking Najib.
Mahathir was angry that Mukhriz failed to win one of the Umno Vice President’s posts in 2013 — because in 2016 he was supposed to contest the Umno Deputy President’s post and then replace Muhyiddin Yassin as the Deputy Prime Minister, and then around 2020 replace Najib as the Umno President and then take over as the new Prime Minister of Malaysia.
However, for all this to happen, Mukhriz first needed to become an Umno Vice President in 2013. But that did not happen and Mahathir blames Najib for that. So, in 2013, Mahathir started to attack Najib. But when the attacks did not seem to go anywhere, in August 2014, Mahathir announced that he was withdrawing support from Najib.
But still nothing happened. Najib appeared to be still in charge and still remained strong. And that was when in December 2014 Mahathir decided to use the RM42 billion of 1MDB’s money disappearing into thin air as the issue because he knew that only with this issue would the opposition jump onto the bandwagon and join the movement to oust Najib.
The following month, in January 2015, Najib countered by appointing a new President/CEO for 1MDB and Mahathir realised that the RM42 billion of 1MDB’s money disappearing into thin air would not be an issue any longer. In fact, 1MDB would be able to prove that the story regarding RM42 billion of 1MDB’s money disappearing into thin air is bullshit and an utter lie. So Mahathir shifted the attack to the RM2.6 billion-donation instead and suggested that the money was stolen from 1MDB.
Are you telling me that Jailani and Lim Kit Siang and the rest of the opposition are too stupid to see all this? What a bunch of idiots!
So let me repeat that, slowly this time, for those who are mentally deficient.
The move to oust Najib is not about 1MDB. It is also not about the RM2.6 billion. It is about making Mukhriz the Prime Minister in 2020. And Mahathir needs to do this so that not only can his legacy be continued but also so that the billions of Umno’s wealth that he is still holding on to can remain in his family.
What! Did you think his sons all became billionaires because of their dedikasi? No, it was because daddy kasi. But then those billions do not belong to daddy for him to give to his sons. They belong to Umno. And Najib wants Mahathir to return to Umno what belongs to Umno — Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s." ... accessed on 20/3/16 at

Later deveolpments (points):-
First of all, he confessed that he wants Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak removed by unconstitutional means. He even said there is no provision in the Constitution for His Majesty the Agong to remove a Prime Minister but he still wants the Agong to do it anyway.
That, in case you do not know, is called a coup d’etat (definition: an overthrow or sudden and forced seizure of a state instigated by a small group to depose the established regime and replace it with a new ruling body).
Secondly, Mahathir confessed he does not want to discuss yet who should replace Najib as Prime Minister if and when they successfully launch their unconstitutional coup d’etat. That will be discussed only after Najib is ousted.
In short, oust Najib first and then we can fight it out later as to who should take over. Hmm…this sounds like Nigeria of the 1960s. And until today, 50 years later, people are still getting murdered every day in Nigeria (as I write this one Colonel has just been kidnapped).
Thirdly, Mahathir does not want Muhyiddin or Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as Najib’s successor. So who then does he want as Najib’s successor? We will not talk about it now. We will discuss it later after Najib has been ousted.
Why? Because if we talk about it now then Mahathir will have to confess that he wants his son Mukhriz as the new Prime Minister. And the fact he will not say this is already as good as a confession that he wants Mukhriz.  (accessed on 31/316 at