12 May'18
After a long lapse, very long time indeed, I am back writing this blog.  The reason being the unexpected political changes facing Malaysia at the moment with the overthrow of the ruling government at the national level. 

11 March'16
This morning I include a new theme for the blog - SOCIETY.  Contemporary history would be not readable if it is not seen within a country's broader context especially Malaysian society. Of late the larger segment of society are concerned with the following problems: high and increasing costs of living, lack of affordable housing in urban areas throughout the country, and many more as this blog with attempt to study.

9 March'16
One theme relevant in studying the crumbling political influence of Dr. Mahathir is his ''last days'.  I am starting to outline the ending destiny of this old man of Malaysian politics today.  Just starting to to take notes.  Here's the starting menu...>>>The last days of Mahathir

1.  In cohort with the opposition to topple Najib from office (4/3/16 declaration)

2.  Starting 2014, launched a conspiracy to topple Najib 
    ( Early in April last year, the former premier kicked off a three-month long campaign against Najib, who he claimed was racked by corruption scandals that were hurting the country and UMNO. But the campaign stretched well beyond the month of July and turned into a multi-million dollar lesson for Mahathir the minute a coup plot was uncovered.)Accessed on 9 March'16 at )

8 March'16
It seems that the OMAN campaign has received many interpretations and versions.  This is expected because of the diverse incongruency of the grouping, with only one common wishlist - the ouster of Najib.  But immediately after its birth the different prouncements of the parties involved would make the campaign a long drawn-out one.  Already the casualities are building up.  Trending in UMNO is the representation from its grass roots (Divisional branches etc) that the higher decision making bodies in the party must take punitive actions on those UMNO leaders who are signatories of the declaration.
The next thing I wish to do with this blog is to include the sources of information, through links to the relevant blogs,portals and social media.

5 March'16
Today I'm having of the the best times in my life.  It is that I feel this time around it  is good to pursue the writing of Malaysian contemporary history the modern way.  As such I took inspiration to add a byline to the heading of this blog saying 'writing history the modern way'. There is tremendous online information about Malaysian matters and thanks to the internet the availability of diversified information in many portals would lend to objective or fair provision of news and information at the tip of our fingers.

There is no dearth of material or data as was the problem with writing history previously.

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