Friday, March 4, 2016

Mahathir misdeeds - a collection

Misdeeds of Dr. M  ( list of notes)

Points reported by whom and when

It was Dr Mahathir who changed the law and removed the powers of the Rulers and in that same process destroyed whatever checks and balances the Rulers could offer.(Reported by RPK,17 Feb'16, accessed at )

Dr Mahathir gave the office of the Prime Minister absolute powers and no longer does the Prime Minister need to share power with the Monarchy. The Prime Minister can decide and the Rulers have to just follow. And even if the Rulers do not agree it really does not matter. Hence it was Dr Mahathir who wanted the Prime Minister to be accountable to no one but himself. That is the law.(Reported by RPK, 17 Feb'16, accessed at )

 In fact, there was many an occasion when a certain Ruler was not too happy about a Bill that was being passed and although the said Ruler refused to sign that Bill it still automatically became law even without the Ruler’s consent. That is the law.(Reported by RPK, 17 Feb'16,accessed at )

# Civil society leaders say they want an acknowledgement from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that he was responsible for the erosion of country’s institutions (Reported by Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4) director Cynthia Gabriel said the move to remove Najib must include long-term structural reforms.)

“Our proposal is for him to acknowledge his wrongs from his long tenure and make a public admission that he did traverse many human rights rules and destroyed the independence of our institutions, and that he, indeed, regrets his actions (Reported by C4 above)

the PM holding the finance minister position has had past record, and it is being continued by Najib,” she said, in reference to Dr Mahathir starting the current practice of the prime minister also holding the finance portfolio which he did at different points during his tenure. (Reported by C4 above)

( Notes accessed at ) released on 3 March,2016

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