Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tengku Razaleigh the royal disloyal politician

The man described:-
1.  Anthony Loke has insisted that Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (Ku Li) had indeed circulated a statutory declaration (SD) against Prime Minister Najib Razak among Members of Parliament.
Speaking to reporters at the Parliament lobby today, DAP National Organising Secretary Anthony Loke said “a representative from Tengku Razaleigh’s camp” had circulated the SD between July and September last year.
The DAP lawmaker was also adamant that not only did the document exist, but all Opposition MPs were aware of it, with one lawmaker allegedly meeting Ku Li. (accessed on 31.3.16 at

2. I suppose, to understand this strange phenomena, we need to go back 40 years to January 1976. At that time both Mahathir and Ku Li, together with Tun Ghafar Baba, were Umno Vice Presidents. But Ku Li had the highest votes followed by Ghafar and with Mahathir coming last.
When Tun Hussein Onn took over as Prime Minister after the death of Tun Razak Hussein, Ku Li was supposed to become the Deputy Prime Minister. However, Ku Li made way for Mahathir on the agreement that he would become the Deputy Prime Minister when Mahathir takes over as Prime Minister.
In July 1981, Mahathir took over as Prime Minister but he played Ku Li out. Mahathir refused to appoint Ku Li as his Deputy as promised in January 1976. And that was the beginning of this very strange love-hate relationship that Mahathir and Ku Li have been having ever since.
We do not need to go into the rest of the story, which I have related many times before. Suffice to say that ten years ago in 2006 when Mahathir decided to oust Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi he reached out to Ku Li to join the anti-Pak Lah campaign.
Ku Li thought about it for awhile and then agreed to team up with Mahathir to oust Pak Lah on the understanding that when the Prime Minister goes he, Ku Li, would take over as Prime Minister.
The day that Ku Li sent word to Mahathir telling the old man that he is prepared to team up to oust Pak Lah was the same day that the old man suffered a massive heart attack and was rushed to hospital. In fact, Mahathir almost died that night and the doctors gave him a 50:50 chance of surviving.
That is why I remember that day very well — plus the fact that I was the one who Ku Li sent to meet Mahathir to deliver his message that the deal is on. That was also the same day that a Hari Raya gathering was held in Mahathir’s house.
After that Mahathir and Ku Li met a few times and the alliance to oust Pak Lah went quite smoothly (with road shows organised in Kelantan, Kedah, Johor, Selangor, etc.). Mahathir even told Malaysians to vote opposition to punish Umno so that Pak Lah could be ousted.
Then, after the 2008 general election, Mahathir did a u-turn and chose Najib instead. And that was when Ku Li’s man, Nik Azmi Nik Daud a.k.a. Bul, came out that the brilliant idea of a Statutory Declaration to link Rosmah to Altantuya’s murder in the hope that this would screw Najib’s chances of becoming Prime Minister.
So Mahathir and Ku Li have been screwing each other and have been stabbing each other in the back for 40 years since 1976. And the last time was in 2008 when Mahathir dumped Ku Li and instead backed Najib for Prime Minister after working together for two years to oust Pak Lah. ( Accessed on 31/3/16 at )

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