Thursday, March 10, 2016

New theme - Society

As at this morning, I am introducing a new theme for this blog called 'Society'.  As a starter the problems of Malaysian society is plainly sketched in the information below :
" When Mahathir loses, as in not heard and his opinions forgotten, the only hurt is his pride. He can always holiday in exotic locations like Zimbabwe to meet old friends, but how about the rest who are asked to join the fight?
The 70 per cent relying on BR1M [4] to carry on buying sub-par supplies at KR1M [5] before paying toll in jammed-up highways on route to dropping their kids at struggling public schools with no destination for the next school holidays except quietly gladdened to pay less for toll, KR1M and dining out by keeping the family peeled on the latest offerings by Astro Ria, what are they to do?
Why would they rock the boat?
But more importantly was that not how the growth model envisioned by Mahathir from the old days? Keep the wages low, compete as a low cost centre. Wage demands grow, bring in indiscriminate foreigners to work cheap, and sustain the low cost centre image.
An economically reliant society’s vote is more predictable than a self-reliant, middle-class filled society, no?
And now the continuation of a crutch mentality is bad, because Mahathir is no more the incumbent? Would that mean, Mahathir would revert to revering a widespread crutch mentality when a replacement he can live with is brought to power?
Besides the cynicism, is it not unfair to ask those most vulnerable — and this is a country filled with multiple vulnerable segments — to get into the fray because the system temporarily does not suit its main creator?  ( Accessed on 11/3/16 at )

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